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We are specialist accountancy practice, serving Scotland and North East of England. We help businesses fulfiling their compliance and regulatory requirements. We leverage the power of technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency which best suits your needs.

We’re passionate about helping businesses improve their bottomline, understand their financial data and other business resources to increase return on investment.

“There is no restrictions on how, where and when we work with you. We are flexible and dynamic.” On Phone, by Email, Secure Online Chat, Remote login with screenshare.
Business environment is becoming complex and challenging on daily basis. Continuous and frequent changes in regulation and technology means businesses needs experts to confront the risks associated with understanding these challenges. Our advisory services cover areas such:

  • Virtual finance manager role
  • Financial Data Migration
  • Profitability and data analysis
  • Performance improvement
  • Financial Crime Investigation Services
  • Business transformation and operation review
  • Compliance and regulatory risk management
  • Technology acquisition
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Technical Training
Business transactions usually involve various taxes. We are here to take over the complicated job functions from you. Whether you are new or an existing individual business owner, small or medium sized companies, transfer the complexity to us is very simple. We offer tailored personal tax planning advice that include:

Business & Corporation Taxes

  • Advisory services on various tax allowances and deductions open to you and your business to reduce your tax liability
  • We will do all the necessary calculations for your companies and directors and submit all necessary returns on your behalf to HMRC
VAT Returns

  • Advice on registration and various VAT schemes and guidance on most suitable option
  • Quarterly or yearly VAT submission and reconciliation
  • Representation at HMRC investigation activities and disputes
Personal Tax & Self-Assessment

  • We Calculate all taxes due on your income and submit your self-assessment online to HMRC. We handle this for individual (sole trader), company director, partnership.
  • We interpret regulations around taxes and use our what-if planner to assist in your tax planning for future years.
We offer assistance in the set up and administration of client’s payroll either on a fully managed or partially managed. We provide assistance and training on system set up, data migration and auto enrolment. Our payroll managed services include:
  • Monthly: Payroll run (regular and irregular – weekly, fortnightly and monthly), calculation of all deductions and submission of returns.
  • End of Year: We compile, calculate and submit end of year figures to HMRC.
  • HMRC compliant: We use fully HMRC approved software.
  • Auto-enrollment.

  • Cost Savings:

We are your payroll personnel staff. All your payroll personnel related costs are now transfer to us. You do not need employ permanent, specialist payroll staff to administer your payroll. You save on periodic payroll software licensing costs.

  • Efficient Time Management:

We free you up on routine tasks while you concentrate on your core area of business operations.

  • Security & Compliance:

We take over your worry about staying up to date with changes in legislation affecting taxation and payroll, we automate this process for you.

  • Visibility & Control:

Complete control and visibility via periodic reports and access to our partners and directors.

Proper record keeping is the foundation of efficient financial management. At an agreed interval, we come to your office to assist in preparing your management account. We also offer insight and interpret your financial data in other to ensure your organisation is equipped with useful information.We aim to reduce your finance and accounting overheads by a considerable margin. Our services in this area include:

  • Management Account preparation (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly).
  • Transfer your accounting records from manual bookkeeping to computerised / cloud systems in compliance with MTD.
  • We provide assistance in preparation and filing of year-end financial statements.
  • Financial data analysis with commentaries.

  • Cost Savings:

We are your back-office. All your accounting and bookkeeping functions is now under our control. We are now an extension and part of your company.
Massing savings on finance and bookkeeping personnel costs. You do not need to employ permanent, finance and bookkeeping staff to administer your finance functions.
You save on periodic accounting and bookkeeping licensing costs.

  • Efficient Time Management:

We take over your routine, complex accounting and finance functions while you concentrate on your core area of business operations.

  • Security & Compliance:

We take over your worry, we make this process seamless via automation.

  • Visibility & Control:

We arrange periodic meeting to discuss progress, idea, updates about findings on your financial data.
Complete control and visibility via periodic reports and access to our partners and directors.

Why Choose Assessor Consulting?

Unlimited Support

All our services come FREE with unlimited access to our partners and your personal accountant.

We Think

Efficient financial planning requires logical reasoning. You leave the technical reasoning to us, we do the hard work for you.

We Create

We design solutions and systems that are tailored to individual needs and requirements. We do not operate one size fit all.

We Deliver

You give us your project, budget and delivery date. We deliver on time and budget without compromising standards.

We Are Passionate

We are passionate about our service quality and delivery deadlines. We never stop until you are satisfied and neither will you miss a deadline.

We Are Accessible

Whenever you need us, we are here to help. By Phone, Chat, Email. We are closer and always by your side.

We Are Friendly

We are part of your business, we are your back office. There is no separation between us and your business. We are one and the same.

We Are Available

Whether you need a quick clarifications or a quick meeting to resolve a problem. We are available outside of the normal business hours.

Start your unique Taxation, Business & Advisory Services journey with Assessor Consulting and reap the rewards!

At Assessor Consulting, we work relentlessly to ensure the needs of various individual customer is met. It doesn’t matter about your size and length of time in operations.

Our Client List

  • GPs & Medical Practitioners
  • Sole Trader & Self Employed
  • Freelancer & Contractors
  • Pubs & Restaurants
  • Professional Service Companies
  • Partnership
  • Taxi & Courier Drivers
  • Private Limited Companies

We Are Cloud Accounting Certified Expert!
We Are Certified Fraud Examiners

We are Certified Partner with leading cloud accounting software providers.

At Assessor Consulting, We Help You Understand Your Finances!

At Assessor Consulting, we do not only keep your records, we keep you in control using the latest technologies with constant updates. Usual, Historical, Year-end and Annual Account is not the ideal way of monitoring and understanding the performance of your business. We help you make inform decisions through our focus, strategic planning.

How We do it?

  • Reporting (Management Accounts)
  • Performance Analysis (KPIs)
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Advice on Asset Finance
  • Taxation advice
  • Debtors and Cash Management


Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we have packages to suit every level. At your request, we can also tailor packages to suit individual requirements. What is common to our packages is potential cost savings.
Please see the outline of key features.